Texas consumers STILL can’t purchase their favorite spirits on Sundays due to our state’s antiquated blue laws. Check out this great Curious Texas report from the Dallas Morning News seeking an answer to the question Do ‘blue laws’ still exist in the Lone Star State?

Which vestiges of the old blue law remain?

While car dealerships can be open only one day of a weekend, there aren’t any other regulations on what you can and can’t buy in stores on Sundays.

Except liquor.

Liquor stores are still closed on Sundays, as well as New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. On normal Sundays, bars and restaurants can serve alcohol after noon, and grocery stores can sell beer and wine on Sunday afternoons as well.

Click here to contact Governor Abbott and your legislators to tell them it’s time to allow Lone Star State consumers the convenience of 7-day alcohol sales and to update Texas’ outdated laws to promote a free market for distilled spirits, beer and wine!

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